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Meals on Wheels

Since years, MultiCaf has been associated with the Bureau d’action bénévole de Montréal and Côte-des-Neiges CLSC in a food distribution project for the elderly and isolated sector. After analysing an application, our partners refer the applicant to our service to receive meals at home.

We are proud to participate in this work to support food security for our seniors or persons with reduced autonomy. The visit of our volunteers is not only a distribution of food, of course people ask us to buy several meals at once. But this regular visit of our volunteers twice a week for these people is a social link with the outside. We are an additional supervision to CLSC’s nurses and social workers.

We are not just a service that provide meals to older and isolated people, we become an important social link. We also make efforts to highlight the various holidays throughout the year with special menus and small gifts.

In 2014-2015 we delivered 4488 meals, serving an average of 46 meals per delivery. The client group varies depending on the circumstance (hospitalization, vacation, etc.), but the average number of meals remains constant. The average age of our guests is 85 years.

Many clients ask to receive several meals at a time, which made us their largest food carrier of the week.


Lunch is offered from Monday to Friday
11h45 — 13h00
Price for a meal
2.00 $
Price for a child meal
1 $
Price for a 20 meals monthly card
35.00 $
Breakfast is offered from Monday to Thursday for free
9h30 — 10h30


Open from Tuesday to Thursday
9h00 — 10h30
Upon presentation of proof of residence.  

Meals on Wheels

The service is offered twice a week  
Price of a meal
5 $