• 3591, avenue Appleton, Montréal
  • 514 733-0554

Social Intervention

In addition to being a community cafeteria accessible to people with low income, our organization provides social intervention services in the following areas. Our service is synonymous of the following qualities:

  • A warm welcome with no judgment
  • An active and empathetic listening
  • A facilitation to complex situations
  • A support to person in resolution of problems
  • A crisis intervention
  • References to appropriate resources and follow up with applicants in housing, immigration, health, the accommodation resources, crisis center and others...
  • A support for participating in the drafting of documents, forms or official calls
  • An information and awareness through kiosks and workshops
  • Empowerment through projects by members or by involving them in certain committees
  • Orientation to government resources

MultiCaf, a place full of life

We known that losing his social and professional network is a major factor to sink in poverty. At MultiCaf, many activities aim to break isolation and to recreate a social link. For many, MultiCaf becomes a place of life. In addition to food safety activities, the presence of students during the Government Summer Jobs program helps us to develop varies activities.


Lunch is offered from Monday to Friday
11h45 — 13h00
Price for a meal
2.00 $
Price for a child meal
1 $
Price for a 20 meals monthly card
35.00 $
Breakfast is offered from Monday to Thursday for free
9h30 — 10h30


Open from Tuesday to Thursday
9h00 — 10h30
Upon presentation of proof of residence.  

Meals on Wheels

The service is offered twice a week  
Price of a meal
5 $