• 3591, avenue Appleton, Montréal
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Community cafeteria

Our lunch is the best-known service served from Monday to Friday. It is a complete meal consisting of a soup, a salad, a consistent main course, a juice and a dessert. The lunch is offered at a price paid in cash or with the meal card. A breakfast is offered at 9h30 am for free.

Between 2014 to 2015, we served 63,152 lunches or an average of 255 meals a day. As for the breakfast offered from monday to thursday, we note this year a daily average of 91 persons.

Our community cafeteria does not just improve the food security of our members. Through complementary services, we do more than feeding hungry bellies. So the cafeteria is also the place where everyone come to eat a meal and meet friends every day.

Around a good meals all factors of exclusion experienced by the majority of them (mental illness and or physical disability, lack of french or english, various addictions, lack of formal education or lack of recognition of diplomas received from abroad, etc.) are forgotten for a moment.


Lunch is offered from Monday to Friday
11h45 — 13h00
Price for a meal
2.00 $
Price for a child meal
1 $
Price for a 20 meals monthly card
35.00 $
Breakfast is offered from Monday to Thursday for free
9h30 — 10h30


Open from Tuesday to Thursday
9h00 — 10h30
Upon presentation of proof of residence.  

Meals on Wheels

The service is offered twice a week  
Price of a meal
5 $