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  • 514 733-0554

Food Bank

A basket of food is offered at once a month to neighborhood residents of Côte-des-Neiges and Snowdon. The food basket usually contains : 

  • fruits and vegetables
  • bread
  • pasta or rice
  • meat or meat substitutes
  • dairy products
  • and some non-perishable food

The first time a member applies for the food bank services, he has to bring with him an identification for each member of your household. Once registered, he will be given a card.

For the next times, the member must present to our food bank service, an authorized card and proof of residency showing a name and address. A proof of residency can be a bill from Hydro-Québec, telephone company or an official letter.


Lunch is offered from Monday to Friday
11h45 — 13h00
Price for a meal
2.00 $
Price for a child meal
1 $
Price for a 20 meals monthly card
35.00 $
Breakfast is offered from Monday to Thursday for free
9h30 — 10h30


Open from Tuesday to Thursday
9h00 — 10h30
Upon presentation of proof of residence.  

Meals on Wheels

The service is offered twice a week  
Price of a meal
5 $