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Volunteers & Trainees

Volunteers and trainees are an important pillar in MultiCaf. Their commitment and dedication to our organization have ensured that we were able to offer various services to our members every day, without help and without their time, these achievements would not have been realized.

Our volunteers are recruited in various backgrounds and have been referred by other community organizations.

This year it is 89 different individuals who have supported our efforts and helped us because while using our services (such as food bank and food service), they understood the meaning of our mission.

Our students are from various origins. We have 30 people involved in the Passe-Action program. It is a program which aims to support individuals employability by allowing them to acquire skills that will facilitate their integration into the labor market.

Concerning students, MultiCaf welcomes trainees throughout the year. So this year, fifteen students from various sources, have helped us to ever-changing needs of our customers. Whether through social activities or awareness campaigns, we could count on our trainees to help our beneficiaries.

The last group of people who provide important support to us are citizens who are under community sentences. These people help us transporting groceries, clothing bags, food baskets and cleaning the premises at the end of the day. Their contribution is essential to our organization. 260 people have helped us in 2015 as part of the community hours.

Through their individual participation, all these people help our organization takes important and necessary tasks. Their energy added to that of regular employees ensures that the mission of MultiCaf is reached every day throughout the year.