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Founded in 1986, the community cafeteria MultiCaf has a mission to provide food aid, to create a social link, and seek resources for low-income people in Côte des Neiges / Snowdon district.

By offering economical meals and various food services, the organization provides each year to hundreds of individuals and low-income families the ability to eat well, in addition to being a place of meeting and socializing from often compensate for the loneliness and isolation they live individually.

We have implemented a milk formulas distribution program for baby and has since then provided assistance to more than 250 low-income families in the neighborhood Côte-des-Neiges / Snowdon. These are the CLSC, primarily nurses but also the dietician and social workers, who refer to the babies MultiCaf service analysis of their needs and their family situation.

In collaboration with universities and institutions, MultiCaf is regularly the center of several research projects on social problems such as homelessness, housing and nutrition. These projects include the formulas milk distribution program for baby.

This research project led by a research student in the Placement-summer career program was initiated in 2001 in order to make the most efficient milk formulas Baby program. It was conducted by the CLSC Research Center of Côte-des-Neiges and subsidized by the Quebec Council of Social Research.

In 2016 MultiCaf is a very active community cafeteria with more than 200 meals daily to low-income citizens of Montreal at dinner time and free lunch. Each month, our food bank provides food assistance to more than 750 families in the area Côte-des-Neiges / Snowdon.

In addition to the food service, MultiCaf offers a wide range of activities such as the Multivox magazine which is written by its members, workshops on nutrition and other relevant topics, as well as educational and recreational activities.

MultiCaf as a social organization provides guidance, facilitates the search for resources and directs its members to organizations able to meet their needs.

With more than 30 years of existence, MultiCaf has a significant experience in understanding the needs of Côte-des-Neiges residents of and strong and exceptional relationship with its members.

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