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A word from our Executive Director

We can not say more about MultiCaf and its impact in in Côte-des-Neiges after 30 years and almost 2 million meals served to thousands of citizens who have made thousands of various requests related job seeking, their children in school enrollment , to immigration processes or relationship problems with their owners, problems related to their welfare etc. All these requests we can respond appropriately and we refer to the right place at the right service elsewhere in the network of neighborhood organizations.

From the outset, the founding group had established that MultiCaf was not a bulwark against food insecurity but also a place of welcome and belonging for those who find themselves in economic and social failure and want to share their experiences difficult situation and understand all the solutions to their problems. We continue this work started thirty years ago with the same determination to serve, we are a place of welcome and reference for many poor and disadvantaged people in the Côte-des-Neiges.

As part of our strategic planning work this year, we sought to develop a statistical portrait of clients seeking our services. This analysis is still partial but what catches our attention beyond the important cultural diversity and the obvious social défavorisassions is the age pyramid: 66% of people attending the cafeteria is aged 60 and over, while the population who need our food bank service comprised of young families with children food is the other end of the life spectrum.

These are the two clienteles well identified by Canadian studies of poverty and deprivation and they are present to attend our services.

We thank our donors and all government services who have recognised and supported our work during all these years without whom we could not operate. We also pay tribute to all the workers and volunteers who, during the last thirty years, gave their best to provide to our members a very best services.

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