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Community cafeteria

Our lunch is the best-known service served from Monday to Friday. It is a complete meal consisting of a soup, a salad, a consistent main course, a juice and a dessert. The lunch is offered at a price paid in cash or with the meal card. A breakfast is offered at 9h30 am for free.

Food Bank

A basket of food is offered at once a month to neighborhood residents of Côte-des-Neiges and Snowdon. The first time a member applies for the food bank services, he has to bring with him an identification for each member of your household. Once registered, he will be given a card.

Meals on Wheels

Since years, MultiCaf has been associated with the Bureau d’action bénévole de Montréal and Côte-des-Neiges CLSC in a food distribution project for the elderly and isolated sector. After analysing an application, our partners refer the applicant to our service to receive meals at home.

Social Intervention

In addition to being a community cafeteria accessible to people with low income, our organization provides social intervention services in the following areas.

News & Activities

Welcome to the New director

The Board of Directors is pleased to welcome Mr. Jean-Sebastien Patrice at the general manager of MultiCaf community Cafeteria.

Programme Paas Action

Les Programmes d’aide et d’accompagnement social (PAAS) s’adressent à des prestataires du Programme d'aide sociale ou du Programme de solidarité sociale qui, compte tenu de leur profil socioprofessionnel, requièrent un soutien et un accompagnement particuliers.

Our mission since 1986

A friendly place where socialization matters

More than a community cafeteria, MultiCaf is the designated place to break the isolation and social exclusion.

We are here to help you find available resources for your housing issues, food needs and integration.

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